Reboot project

This project will adapt and evaluate a psychological coaching intervention (Reboot) which aims to prepare critical care nurses for, and aid recovery after, stressful clinical events. This exciting project has been funded in response to the COVID pandemic. It will be delivered over 12 months to produce rapid findings that will provide evidence on the acceptability and feasibility of the Reboot intervention.

Reboot was initially developed to be delivered in-person to multidisciplinary healthcare professionals and students. It involves a group workshop and one-to-one coaching phone calls and draws on resilience theory, cognitive-behavioural principles and research into the psychological impact of adverse events. The workshop groups are discipline-specific and materials are closely tailored to the stressful events that each group is likely to encounter as part of their work. An initial evaluation of this intervention found that it was acceptable and potentially beneficial for boosting resilience in doctors, paramedics and midwives.

The current project will adapt it for suitability for critical care nurses and also to be delivered in an entirely remote format, using a mixture of video conferencing and phone contacts. This work is funded by the Burdett Trust and hosted by the Bradford Institute for Health Research. The Principle Investigator is Dr Angela Grange, and Co-Investigators include Dr Ruth Simms-Ellis, Dr Judith Johnson, Prof Rebecca Lawton, Associate Professor Reema Harrison and Jayne Marran.

Reboot was covered by BCB Radio, who interviewed Dr Angela Grange about the background to the project and what we’ll be doing. To listen to the interview, click below.